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Hi-Tech Services

Below you will see our primary services


5-Axis CNC Milling

Complex parts can be manufactured in one setup, eliminating the need to manually reposition a part between operations. This, in turn, reduces costs and allows us to produce a more consistent, higher quality product.

Multi-Axis Mill Turning

Turned and milled parts can be completed with one setup, accurately and precisely with multi-axis mill turning. Live tooling capabilities allow for accurately producing complex parts.

Wire EDM Machining

Wire EDM is accurate in creating shaped parts while being a cost effective and efficient way to machine hard, electrically conductive materials. This process allows for precision in design and maintains a low surface roughness.


Grinding and Deburring

To ensure functionality of machined parts, fine grinding and deburring are used in the finishing process on all Hi-Tech’s quality parts.


Coordinated Measurement Machine (CMM) software and the fundamentals of metrology are used to produce accurate and reliable measurements, traceability, and an overall integrity to all of Hi-Tech’s completed parts.


Click here for a comprehensive list of the equipment we use to create Hi-Tech's quality parts...

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