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The New Standard
in CNC Machining

CNC Machined prototypes and production machining

Printer Parts

Rapid prototyping and on-demand production for quality parts on time

Hi-Tech offers complete contract manufacturing services. Hi-Tech can provide the manufacturing expertise to deliver completed parts and assemblies. We machine all standard metal alloys, engineered plastics, most composite materials, and exotic metals. We have milling, turning, and grinding  equipment in-house, and work with partners for additional manufacturing services. We can take your idea from concept to prototype and on to production

40 Years of Proven Machining Quality

Hi-tech ’s reputation in the manufacturing industry provides assurance to every
customer and proves our commitment to quality. Our awards prove the level
of quality and excellent customer service that makes Hi-Tech a trusted and respected facility.

5 Axis CNCMilling

5-Axis CNC Milling allows complex parts to be manufactured in one setup, reducing costs for our customers and allowing us to produce products with more consistency and higher quality.

Mill Turning

Mill turning with a sub-spindle allows parts to be turned and milled complete in one setup. This increases
part accuracy and reduces cost. 

Full Customer Experience & Commitment

We want to earn your business and it is Hi-Tech’s policy to provide the utmost
in customer service and support to our customers.

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Some of our
satisfied customers


Machined prototypes and production parts. Contact us to start your project today. 

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